Mayekawa has extensive experience in building cold storages in production regions throughout the world.
Consumers’ need or the nature of the products demand not only simple storing but also the function of the logistic center from cold storages.

In building the most cutting edge cold storages, consideration of energy-saving, safe, and secure is needed not only in cooling equipment but also in construction, insulation and material handling.

We introduced energy-saving and eco-friendly systems with temperatures of cold, freezing or chilled to suit customers needs. In a range of ultra-low temperature, -60℃ or below, we offer ultra-low temperature cold storage using the air cycle system “PascalAir” for tuna/bonito freezing to help preventing global warming. And we also developed the NH3/CO2 cooling system “NewTon3000” especially for cold storage refrigeration and delivered to many warehouses.

We strive to achieve the optimum design and construction of cold storages in total, focusing on not only the efficiency of each equipment but also the energy-saving of facilities as a whole.