Meat and Poultry

Do you have any problems of improving working condition and the transmission of skills?

Mayekawa’s robotics provides performance which is equivalent to a skilled worker. Train your workforce in a short period by simply learning the machines operation, and decrease occupational injuries such as tendonitis to provide a worker friendly environment with our robots.
You will be satisfied with the high yield ratio achieved by optimal cutting.

Automation to help you deliver safe products to tables around the world

Mayekawa’s robotics enables highly hygienic operation due to the minimum human contact while processing meat. Furthermore, automation decreases contamination.

Keep stable production and supply

Do you have the problem of labor shortage?
Mayekawa contributes the stable production and supply of meat products with automation technologies.

Mayekawa’s meat processing robots can handle irregularly-shaped soft objects, and achieve faster processing speed than that of manual processing. Furthermore, you can produce products with the good appearance and high quality previously only available with manual processing.