PDPA Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy

Privacy Notice

Data Subject Right Request

    Data Subject Details

    In order to correctly and quickly identify you and search for your data in our records, please inform us your relationship with our Company.

    1You are working/worked for us as our directors or our employee or outsource staff or contractor who are not subject to the employment contract, or other type of our personnel
    Please specify
    Please provide your employee identification number (if applicable) and duration of work.
    Employee identification number
    Work duration
    2You are/were our supplier, vendor or the representative thereof
    Please specify name of the business partner (if applicable) and products/services provided by you or our business relationship with you
    Name of Business partner
    3You are/were our customer or the representative of our customer
    Please specify the name of the customer and products/services provided by us
    Name of the company
    4You are our website’s visitor.
    5You are our site visitor
    Please specify the visiting site and time
    Arriving and leaving time
    6You are the Company’s shareholder or the representative of the shareholder or the proxy of the shareholder.
    7Others (Please specify)

    Representative of the Data Subject details

    If you are the authorized representative of the Data Subject, please provide your details below

    Rights you want to exercise

    Please specify the rights you would like to exercise and the additional details thereof

    1Right to withdraw the consent
    Please provide details of your personal data and the purpose of the Company to collect such personal data for which you wish to withdraw your consent.
    2Right to access and request copies of personal data
    Please provide details on the data you would like to access, e.g. data regarding goods/services or other data, including any relevant timeframe/dates the personal data are created or provided to the Company. In case of request for copies, please provide details on the copies you need us to provide, such as, the name of documents you want us to provide, number and format you want us to provide etc.
    3Right to data portability
    Please provide the details on the transfer of data such as the recipient of your personal data, format of the personal data, etc.
    4Right to objection to the processing
    Please provide the reasons of your objection as stipulated in the law i.e. your personal data is being processed without consent or being processed for direct-marketing purpose or scientific, historical or statistic research.
    5Right to erasure/be forgotten
    Please provide the details on the personal data you want us to delete, remove or anonymize.
    6Right to restrict processing
    Please provide the reasons of the request i.e. where the Company is considering your request for rectification or your objection to the Company’s processing, where you want us to restrict our processing instead of deleting/removing your data due to unlawful processing, where you need us to retain your data to establish, comply with, exercise or protect your legal rights or where you need to comply with the laws.
    7Right to rectification
    Please specify the personal data you want us to rectify.

    Note: We may decline your request if we are required to continue to process your personal data due to necessities which can be used as a ground for declining your request under the laws e.g., if the Company has the legal obligation to retain your personal data, the Company will not comply with your request to delete the personal data, etc.)