Frozen Food

Mayekawa’s commitment to food market is divided into 4 fields such as production equipment, raw materials, processing treatment, and thermal management. Based on thermal engineering we have built up the relationship of collaboration with customers.

At food processing plants we offer the unmanned machining and energy saving systems combined with FMS(flexible manufacturing system)technology, production engineering, data-processing technology, and thermal engineering, which Mayekawa has developed in manufacturing compressors while committing to individual industries.

In primary process of meat processing we develop and commercialize processing robots (full automatic poultry deboning robot, auto slitting and deboning system for pig’s thigh) in order to provide quality food in a safe and secure manner. We have supplied these automation robots and systems to many customers in the world.

The thermal management makes a big difference of the flavor, quality and tastes of foods. We supply freezers and thawing machines in a series of processing lines at food processing industries, dealing with the product line engineering for processes such as material acceptance, thawing, heating, cooling, freezing, packaging, boxing, and product storage.