Dairy, Beverages and Breweries


The production process at beverage plants uses tremendous amounts of both heat and cold energy. Different energy supplying systems are required for individual processes such as cooling after pasteurization and the cooling of carbonated beverages.

MAYEKAWA offers an energy supply system for individual production processes in consideration of the total optimization of the entire production process and creates energy-savings and environmentally conscious plants.

At beverage plants, a lot of water is consumed in the cooling process after the pasteurization process, so reduction of water consumption is also an important issue. We collaborate with customers to build water saving systems using natural refrigerants such as adsorption chillers, effectively taking advantage of the wasted heat from pasteurizers.


The production process of dairy products is required to deliver quality products made of highly-selected raw materials safely and securely to the consumer. At dairy plants, MAYEKAWA collaborates with customers to design production lines from material reception to production & shipment and to implement plant facilities from the viewpoint of “temperature control” and “energy savings.” We achieve the optimum temperature and conditions for the production processes as well as higher productivity by using our unique technology and expertise.


Every brewery plant is committed to energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions and MAYEKAWA has achieved results in this field.