Mayekawa (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provide energy-saving and environment-friendly machines to our customers. Furthermore, Mayekawa also provide equipment that increases energy-saving effects and products that keep customers’ equipment in good condition. For more detail information, please contact to Mayekawa (Thailand).

After Sales Service (Overhaul and Maintenance)

In order to use MYCOM compressor in good condition for a long time, Mayekawa strongly recommend you overhaul and maintenance by Mayekawa’s experts with MYCOM genuine parts! Mayekawa (Thailand) stock all standard parts for MYCOM compressors. For inquiries regarding overhaul and maintenance, please contact Mayekawa (Thailand).

MYCOM OIL for compressor

High Quarity Refrigeration Oil for Ammonia System MYCOM A-1.

MYCOM A-1 is a high performance hydrocracked iso-dewaxed paraffinic base oil designed for ammonia applications.

MYCOM A-1 has high thermal stability for improved resistance to oil break down and extended service intervals.

MYCOM A-1 brings high efficiency to system due to special formulation with advanced seal conditioning and self-cleaning additive system to minimize seal leakages for old system and also prolong system internal cleanness free of sludge.

MYCOM A-1 has optimum viscosity providing better compressor lubrication and minimizes oil carry over with very low foaming technology.

Mayekawa (Thailand) propose following three kinds of compressor oil.

1. MYCOM A-1 Hydrocracked iso-dewaxed paraffinic base oil designed with self-cleaning additive.

2. MYCOM A-2 Hydrocracked iso-dewaxed paraffinic base oil designed without self-cleaning additive.

3. MYCOM-ZERO Fully synthetic PAO (Polyalphaolefin) base oil.

Please refer to the attached brochures. If you need further information, please contact to the office of Mayekawa (Thailand).


Brochure MYCOM A1

Brochure MYCOM A2


Mayekawa’s original air curtain, THERMO-SHUTTER for automatic doors of cold storage. The horizontal air circulation shields cold air at the bottom and warm air at the top which have been the weakest area of the conventional air curtain. Keep cold air in and warm air out.

Feature 1. Stable storage temperature ensures product quality.

Feature 2. Less condensation and frost in a cold storage decreases the defrost frequency.

Feature 3. Prevention of heat loss reduces power consumption.

Thermo-shutter has been adopted in a number of industries to high praise, including cold storage, logistic centers and loading docks. The table shows an energy reduction by adopting the product.

With the ever advancing small-lot, high-demand delivery, doors in cold storage are opened more frequently. Thermo-Shutter provides reliable heat shield performance that solves these problems.

Brochure Thermo-Shutter

Manual Cube Ice Cutter (MQI-2)

Notwithstanding manually operated, MQI2 is very easy to handle!

After inserting plate ice, what you must do is three action only, vertical, horizontal slicing and cutting down.

Despite being manual, its operation is straightforward, enhancing the efficiency of cube ice production!

Mayekawa, a leading refrigeration compressor manufacturer, introduces a cube ice cutting machine designed specifically for cube ice. This product represents a sophisticated piece of machinery engineered in Japan, ensuring both safety and the production of high-value cube ice.

Quick action – Short processing periods makes it hard for plate ice to melt and leads to increase of production.

Safety – No touching circular saws with safety covers. All procedures are all automated. Designed for the safety for all operators.

Easiness – Easy to move with caster wheels. Processing sides are Changeable depend upon customer’s inquiry. It is subject to requirement.