(industrial refrigeration compressors)

The gas compression technology that Mayekawa has cultivated is being used in various gas compressors. Especially in the industrial refrigeration market, Mayekawa’s “MYCOM” brand boasts a high market share.
In Thailand, we mainly sell screw compressors and reciprocating compressors. Our industrial refrigeration compressors are mainly used with a natural refrigerant, ammonia and achieve both durability and energy saving.

Screw compressor

Reciprocating compressor

Compressor parts

Refrigeration Package Unit and Engineering

High-efficiency cooling unit with natural refrigerant ‘NewTon’
Highly sustainable, environmentally friendly refrigeration systems are required now. This can be achieved by using natural refrigerants in the cooling systems to protect the ozone layer and reduce CO2 emissions thus lessening the burden on the global environment. For this reason, Mayekawa is continuously developing various cooling systems that use natural substances such as ammonia, CO2, and water as working fluids. At the same time, by advancement of highly efficient cooling systems, energy conservation is realized and CO2 emissions are reduced.

High-efficiency cooling unit with natural refrigerant ‘NewTon’


(individual quick freezing) Freezer

Our mission is not simply to freeze food products.

We aim to provide the ultimate way to efficiently maintain quality, providing optimal freezer solutions for a wide variety of products including seafood, agricultural products, livestock products, sweets, breads, and prepared foods of varying shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.
We also share values cherished by our customers, working closely with customers at all times to provide solutions tailored to the needs and challenges unique to each country and area.

Automatic deboning robotics

Mayekawa has succeeded in automating deboning robot technology. Since the development of “TORIDAS”, a fully automatic deboning robot for chicken whole legs, we have developed a lineup of various automatic deboning and bone separation robots “DAS series” that achieve high precision and high yields. If you are considering introducing automatic deboning and bone separation robots in Thailand, please contact us.

Heat pump

Mayekawa leads the world in industrial and heavy commercial application heat pumps from the compact CO2 transcritical heat pumps “unimo” series (aka EcoCute) to high powered heat recovery and renewal energy source heat pump packages. Mayekawa leads the way in energy saving and heat recovery solutions for heating and cooling.

CO2 heat pump

Ammonia heat pump


Mayekawa (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provide energy-saving and environment-friendly machines to our customers. Furthermore, Mayekawa also provide equipment that increases energy-saving effects and products that keep customers’ equipment in good condition. For more detail information, please contact to Mayekawa (Thailand).

MYCOM OIL for compressor