Important Notice: Beware of Counterfeit MYCOM Compressor Parts.


Dear valued customers of MYCOM compressors,

We have recently become aware of an issue regarding non-genuine parts being falsely presented as original MYCOM components. These unauthorized parts are being packaged with labels that closely resemble our own, potentially misleading customers into believing they are purchasing authentic MYCOM products.

Regrettably, instances have been reported where customers who unknowingly utilized these non-genuine parts experienced operational issues with their compressors. It’s important to note that these counterfeit parts not only compromise the performance of your equipment but also infringe upon our intellectual property rights. As a result, we are exploring legal avenues to address this matter.

Please be informed that any warranties provided by Mayekawa will not extend to non-genuine parts. We strongly advise against their use to ensure the optimal functioning of your MYCOM compressor.

For the purchase of authentic MYCOM spare parts, we encourage you to reach out to our official Mayekawa office or to trusted and authorized distributors. Your trust and satisfaction are paramount to us, and we are committed to ensuring the quality and integrity of our products.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and for your continued support of MYCOM compressors.