Mayekawa Bangladesh Liaison Office 


Mayekawa Bangladesh Liaison Office | Supplying Mayekawa’s refrigeration equipment to support the food processing market in Bangladesh


S. M. Tariq
Country Manager
Bangladesh Liaison Office Mayekawa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bangladesh has achieved remarkable development in recent years. Refrigeration technology in the food processing industry has become an important element for the nation to meet the food needs of its total population of 165 million people.

Mayekawa is a specialized manufacturer, distributor, and engineer of refrigeration compressors. The company supplies solutions for long-term food preservation worldwide, utilizing its outstanding proprietary technology. It is highly regarded here in Bangladesh as well.

MYCOM freezing/refrigeration compressor
Adoption is increasing at food processing factories in Bangladesh as well.

Mayekawa Mfg.’s head office in Japan established a liaison office in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2016. Before opening the office, Mayekawa Mfg. had been exporting refrigeration equipment from Japan. However, since the opening in 2016, the company had been working closer with local affiliated companies to understand customer needs and challenges, and to provide services to resolve those issues. Today, Mayekawa’s refrigeration compressor brand “MYCOM” is well known also in Bangladesh.

<Refrigeration compressor application in Bangladesh – example>
・Potato warehouse
・Fruit warehouse
・Ice factory
・Fishing boat
・Cold storage for seafood products
・Ice cream factory
・Milk processing factory

▲ Compressors installed in a seafood processing factory in Bangladesh

▲ Compressors installed in a cold storage warehouse for agricultural product in Bangladesh.

Providing products and engineering technology from Thailand to Bangladesh.

In 2021, the main officer was transferred from the head office in Japan of Mayekawa Mfg. to Mayekawa (Thailand), and it became Mayekawa (Thailand)’s Bangladesh Liaison Office. The purpose of this change was to better utilize the geographical advantage of Thailand, which is closer to Bangladesh, and the refrigeration engineering capabilities of Mayekawa (Thailand). This change allowed us to provide even faster service in Bangladesh.

Mayekawa has refrigeration technology that meets customer needs in a wide range of fields such as food distribution, dairy industry, agriculture, seafood processing, beverages, and fishing industries. And many leading companies in Bangladesh have become our customers.

▲ Examples of Mayekawa’s customers in the Bangladeshi market

・Savoy Ice Cream
・Igloo ice cream
・BFDC (Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation)
・BADC (Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation)
・Aarong Dairy Industry
・Milk Vita
・Coca-Cola etc.

We would like to contribute to the growth of your businesses through refrigeration technology. If you need refrigeration engineering services in Bangladesh, please feel free to contact us. With our experience and know-how accumulated in the Bangladesh market in addition to our proprietary technology we will propose appropriate solutions to solve your issues.

▲ Mayekawa Bangladesh office staff